Social Media Marketing

Need a little bird to tweet for you? We’ve got you covered.


Social Media Management

  •  Upkeep of your social media profiles
  • Engaging conversations with your fan base
  • Seasonally relevant content when seasons roll around
  • Polls and surveys when applicable
  • Trivia questions and answers
  • Daily post to all your social media platforms
  • Hootesuite account is required


Streamline your success, in work and life

Social Media Management is the secret weapon of successful people. Not just in work, but in life. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of all your social media accounts. As a L&C client, you get your very own Social Media Manager (SMM) — a smart, college-educated U.S. based point person who works remotely as your right hand and left brain. You delegate a task and your SMM is on it.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pintrest? No problem, your personal Social Media Manager, will manage all of your social media accounts for you through HootSuite! What’s more, we will take care of the posting for you, with seasonally relevant content and even engage with your fan’s with friendly and professional responses.

With a SMM on your side, you can now start focusing on what’s truly important, in work and life.

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