Brdi combines the fun of making something yourself with enjoying nature just outside your window




Wayland, MA – November 19, 2013 – David Laituri, founder of the new product brand Onehundred, has launched the Brdi project on Kickstarter . Crafted from aluminum, offered in a range of colorful weather-resistant finishes, Brdi arrives flat, folds together easily by hand, ready to feed the neighborhood birds in minutes.

“ Like Legos or IKEA furniture, assembling something yourself makes having it more rewarding - even if it’s just the last few steps”, says David Laituri, Founder of Onehundred. “For many, building a simple bird house was part of growing up and using tools for the first time. Brdi combines that joy of making something yourself with enjoying nature right outside the window. Brdi holds alot of seed, is durable and extremely stable – even with larger birds”.


Brdi will include:

Brdi arrives flat, with a weather resistant powder-coated aluminum finish, a hardwood perch and 6’ (2 m) of paracord line.

Brdi can be pre-ordered and backed on Kickstarter until December 18, 2013. Once available, Brdi will sell for $25 MSRP.


About Onehundred

Founded in 2013 by designer/entrepreneur David Laituri, Onehundred is the first true community brand, combining local New England manufacturing talent with an enthusiastic, passionate fan base through thoughtful, sustainable design. David, is no stranger to the Kickstarter community – his first two projects, Pucs and Tuls, were both funded at well over 2500% of their original goals.

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