The aesthetic tool can be used for do-it-yourself projects, allowing consumers to create unique elements for their home out of used glass bottles.



LONDON, UK –The C&C team has designed a useful upcycling tool and has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to begin manufacturing. After months of research and development, they have made the most versatile and attractive bottle-cutting tool, which can be operated to recycle used glass bottles. They are now seeking supporters and have a funding goal of £6,000.

The C&C Bottle Cutter is made with durable plywood that has been laser cut for precision. The cutter is available in brown stained or hand sanded. Both options provide a beautiful finish. Incorporated in the design are a custom-made cutter and screws. When not in use, the cutter can sit on a counter as an aesthetic bottle holder.

The screws and bottle prop can be adjusted in numerous positions, allowing it to cut virtually any size bottle. Users who are interested in designing their own upcycled fixtures can cut bottlenecks ranging from very small diameters to 3-liter jars. The length of the cutter can be easily adjusted with the custom screw. The screw is held in place, allowing consumers to cut multiple bottles at the same length. This allows users to fashion many glasses that are same size, for use as a matching set of drinking glasses or to be incorporated as elements in a designed fixture.

Directions for use of the C&C Bottle Cutter are simple and easy to understand. It takes only three steps to cut a bottle. First, users adjust the cutter to the exact position desired and slowly rotate the bottle to make a score line. Second, thermal shock is used to split the bottle. This is achieved by slowly pouring boiling water on the score line, then slowly pouring ice-cold water. Once the bottle is split, the consumer can create a smooth edge with the use of the provided sand paper. The kit comes with three different grit sizes: 60, 120, and 180. Users can decide which level of smoothness they would like to achieve.

The Kickstarter page displays numerous ideas for how glass bottles can be upcycled with the use of the C&C Bottle Cutter. Owners of the new bottle cutter can create unique glasses, light pendants, lamps, vases, aquariums, and anything imaginable. The results are individual interior design elements and special gifts that can be given to loved ones. To view the handsome bottle cutter and the various ideas for use, visit .

Backers receive the reward of a C&C Bottle Cutter Kit by pledging £30 or more. Those who pledge early can receive the bottle cutter with just a £25 pledge, though there are only 100 slots available for this pledge. Supporters can receive a pack of cutter kits by pledging even more. A pledge of £55 will deliver two cutters and a pledge of £100 will deliver four cutters. C&C is offering their supporters free shipping and expected delivery is in April 2014. To be up to date when campaign starts subscribe on their homepage:

About C&C:

Team C&C consists of a group of entrepreneurs and their skills. Passionate about creating practical and aesthetic tools, which are useful for upcycling, the team spent months doing research and experimenting with ways to cut glass bottles. They have created a beautiful and useful cutter, The C&C Bottle Cutter, which can be used to build interior design fixtures.

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