The smart activity wristband, ERI, integrates motion recognizing intelligence in a comfortable wristband that feels weightless.




KOWLOON, Hong Kong –ERI is a new activity and route tracking wristband created by DigiCare. The product was designed with the user’s comfort and satisfaction in mind. For over a year, the team has been working on the development of the product. Now they are seeking support through an Indiegogo crowdfunding project in order to launch full production.


The ERI wristband is not like any other. At 6.5 mm, it is the thinnest smart wristband in the manufacturing lineup. It has an incredibly comfortable fit due to its make-up. The band is made with Nano silica unibody technology – offering a soft, yet durable result. The smart sports wristband feels weightless, allowing active persons to perform challenges without being distracted by their tracking device.


The wearable gadget has built-in hardware and software. ERI’s intelligent algorithm allows the activity wristband to track the user’s route by collecting geomagnetic variation data of his or her movements. The band does not require the use of a GPS, thus saving battery power. The battery, which is patented by the company, can last for approximately 15 days between charges.


Continually collecting motion data, the ERI sports and health tracker can be worn every day and is able to track various types of activity. With the ability to track running, walking, cycling, climbing, and even swimming due to its being waterproof, it is the only tracker one needs to use.


As an encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle and continue challenging oneself, ERI offers a stimulating social game. Users are able to join activities around base on location by way of the mobile app and wear the wristband to begin challenges. As the participant attains achievements, they earn more points. Once a reward are gained, participants are able to exchange gifts from DigiCare. Active persons can join a social networking race in their location through their smart phone and be placed among their peers. This type of interaction emboldens athletes to test themselves and set higher goals.


The crowdfunding project has a funding goal of $50,000 and a December 31, 2013, deadline. ERI is offering generous perks to their contributors. Backers who support the wristband with a pledge of $59 will receive a black or white ERI, worth $99. There are only 100 spots for this supporting level and they are filling fast. Higher supporting levels are available, which offer 8 color options along with the option to personalize the wristband with an engraving. To view the project, visit .


About DigiCare:


DigiCare’s team consists of mobile and electronic technology experts. Founded in 2012, the company is located in Hong Kong SAR. ERI is the technology company’s first product. Many members of the design and development team have worked for first-rate companies throughout the world, including NANT, ZTE, LAVA, Nokia, Konami, and many others. The company is passionate about creating wearable gadgets that encourage health and fitness.

Project Contact Info 

Name:  Jimmy Liao

Email:  [email protected] 

Tel:  +86-18603065971