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L&C Media is a Crowdfund Marketing Agency - providing Startup’s, Businesses, and individuals with smart crowdfunding marketing solutions to help boost the odd’s of raising funds via Crowdfunding.

Through this partnership, projects will receive discounted platform fees, extra promotion and project views, and a higher chance of being featured on

Benefits of Crowdfunding on Indiegogo
Flexible Crowdfunding Options
One of the world’s largest Crowdfunding Platform
Safe and Easy to Use

Benefits of Working with L&C
Get Featured on The Crowdfund Marketing Indiegogo’s partner page
10% Reduced Discount from Indiegogo’s 4% Transaction Fee
Special Indiegogo Partner price for L&C’s SEO Optimized Copywriting Services

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By Partnering with L&C, you will have access to L&C’s SEO Optimized Copywriting Services at a special price.  Prices can be seen below.

Service Description Price
Press Kit Writing and Designing (per 1500 - 2000 Words)  We know how picky distribution outlets get, and we know how to cater to them. We combine excellent grammar and expertise in press kit writing with accurate knowledge into how a well-written press PR should be formulated. The written press kit we create are accepted and published worldwide on hundreds of submission outlets $250
Landing Page Content Writing (per 1500 - 2000 Words) It’s a force of nature: a converting sales page is a well-written, open invitation to those who read, encouraging a sale. And the message tone, intelligence, and language is what sells—or doesn’t sell—your product, offering, or services. Written by a non-sales writer, your copy will not convert. It could offset the reader by a cheesy tone; cheapen the client’s perspective with too many harsh calls to action; or even challenge the visitor with some unwanted combination of the two, potentially turning away every new customer you have or will have. $199
Newsletter (per 500 - 1000 Words) Creative writing demands experience, background and talent. The right amount and the right tone can make all the difference in your creative content. You might have a concept, but you need it put into creative words that really stand out. We’ll write or tell your story in a unique, original style and take the hard work off your hands. As you know, creative writing isn’t easy work. $125
Perks/Rewards Write-Up (per 500- 1000 Words) Sell to your clients with the right message—written by an expert sales copywriter. We’ll deliver on that! $125
Translation (per 250 Words) More and more, business owners are turning to translation services as a means of international exposure. By using the right language, your website content could potentially reach a whole new market. Getting the right translation service to get you there is important.Don’t get stuck using low quality service to translate for you and ending up with the equivalent of “bad English” in your translated content.

French-to-English Legal Translations with a Certified Translator

Website Content (per 500 - 1000 Words) Website content is necessary to every website. It’s like furnishing an empty room, adding soil to your garden, or the machine to a car.Without web content that has the professional touch of a website copywriter, your website won’t run as smoothly or attract as many visitors. It won’t get found in search engines and won’t be read. We know just how necessary good content is to your website, and we know what it takes to create quality pages. $125

Our revision policy includes three rounds of revision at no cost included in your order, excluding rewrites. View our Policy

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