Whether you are trying to fund an exciting new product or pay for a family member’s medical expenses, there are people out there that will be willing to help. But in order to help, those people need to know about your project.

By employing a combination of proven marketing methods executed with the flare and panache of marketing veterans, L&C can instantly help improve your crowdfunding project’s visibility.

With our helping hands, you can reach out to a wider audience and really showcase your campaign in all its glory.

Absolutely not. We don’t believe in hidden fee’s, we like to make sure our clients and you the customer understand the full price of your order before we bill you.

Note: 3rd party fee’s may apply when paying with Creditcard, Paypal, bank transfer etc which are beyond L&C’s control. Please contact your payment processor for more information.

No, we only process orders once we receive your payment.

We accept most major credit/debit card providers via Paypal and we also accept International Bank Transfers.

Note: 3rd party fee’s may apply when paying with Creditcard, Paypal, bank transfer etc which are beyond L&C’s control. Please contact your payment processor for more information.

No, nobody can guarantee this. We are a crowdfunding  marketing and consulting agent. We provide solutions to help you reach your funding goal based on your order with us.

If you are looking for a funding guarantee, we recommend you speak to a professional investment group who can help you get in touch with investors and venture capitalists.

More information regarding our guarantee’s and policy can be found under:

Policy - http://thecrowdfundmarketing.com/privacy-policy/
T&C - http://thecrowdfundmarketing.com/terms-conditions/

Absolutely not. We offer a wide variety of marketing solutions such as the PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing solution, explainer/sales video production, copy writing services and more!

If you have a specific service in mind that you need done, send us a message and we will be sure to answer you as soon as possible.

Yes, you can chat with a L&C client coordinator via Skype at “[email protected]”. In case you prefer writing to L&C, we are more than happy to answer your questions via our Live Chat,  or email.

No problem, we can have it sent out within 24 hours. We offer a service called “Express Distribution” which can be included in your order in return for an express distribution handling fee.

We love discounts as much as you! Of course we have discounts! In most cases we offer discounts on bulk orders, but as a return client we can definitely find a better price for you.

In case you are a first time client, no fear! We can definitely find you a better price on bulk purchases of multiple services off us.

If you didn’t know, our promotional packages already offer significant amounts of discounts compared to purchasing these services Ad Hoc.

We love problem solving, and we understand we cannot offer the right solution for everyone on our webpage. In case you need something a bit different or need to set up a wild and crazy marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are sure to have the right solution for you. In case we don’t, we’ll find one!

We cater to all sorts of budgets going as low as a few hundred $’s to a couple hundred thousand and more! In case you don’t find the right solution on our webpage. Please contact our customer support and we will find the best fix for you.

We are able to offer such cheap prices beause of our strategic partnerships with a wide range of leading providers of various services in the industry. We also cut down on our profit margins to the bare minimum to bring you the most affordable prices for the services we offer.

We love partnerships, and friends! If you think you have something to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new exciting friends to work with.

Yes absolutely. We have quite a few subscription plans such as Blog writing & posting, Social Media Managment, Content Marketing and more!

Some of our clients are listed here, http://thecrowdfundmarketing.com/clients/

Yes we like Pandas.

Our data center is located in Sweden, EU. Our distributors, writers, etc are located around the globe.