Helping people create and embody awesome, unique characters.



FaceRig, a revolutionary program designed to allow people to embody characters and stream them over the web, has just been green-lit to ship on Steam as its fully funded campaign on approaches final countdown.

The  campaign  went live December 17, 2013 and plans on continuing through to February 5, 2014.

The company had a goal of $120,000, and they’ve already exceeded it twice over.

FaceRig lets an individual show off their quirky, fiery and unique personality by embodying characters over the web. Users can select any character they want and the output can be streamed over the web via Skype or other webcam services. It can also be recorded for a movie. Developed by Holotech Studios, FaceRig lets people take characters they’ve created and grown attached to and use them in every day chats. It’s not just the voice that transmits onto a person’s character - the expressions do to. That means every smirk, smile and even a roll of the eyes is translated onto a user’s character.

“Imagine creating your own real-time CGI movie just by using your computer’s webcam,” states a FaceRig representative. “With FaceRig people can become digital actors, embody characters they know and love and have fun as they see fit.”

Contributions to the FaceRig  campaign  will receive perks ranging from various FaceRig licenses at heavily discounted prices to being mentioned in a hall of fame on the company’s website. FaceRig programmers are hoping to raise additional funds to reach their stretch goals as well.


About FaceRig by Holotech Studios

Holotech Studios is an indie software company based out of Bucharest, Romania. Originally founded by five veterans of the gaming industry, Holotech Studios set out to empower anyone to have fun with online avatars. FaceRig will have expression and voice capture capabilities using state-of-the-art face tracking SDK provided by Visage Technologies from Sweden, Holotech Studios’ face tracking technology partner. For more information visit the  crowdfunding campaign  on IndieGogo or visit the program’s  website .

Project Contact Info 

Press Contact:  Dragos-Florin Stanculescu

Email:  [email protected]