Fully automatic Rubber Band machine Gun (RBmG) kit finds support with crowdfunding efforts, giving backers a discount.

For all those adults in arrested development, finally a rapid-fire Rubber Band machine Gun (RBmG) kit is just one Kickstarter contribution away. Established engineering and manufacturing team XYZbot has developed the fully-automatic, battery-powered RBmG that fires 64 rubber bands continuously.


The RBmG kit can be assembled in about 30 minutes and contains laser cut wood parts. Requiring only a screwdriver and pliers, the kit provides an opportunity to learn about electric motors and simple machines – cleverly disguised as a rubber band gun. “The RBmG kit is a fun do-it-yourself (DIY) project and a great educational opportunity,” said XYZbot engineer Kerwin Lumpkins . “But for safety we recommend users to be at least 12 years old and have adult supervision.”


Although there are some other rubber band guns on the market, only the RBmG offers rapid-fire technology for less than $100 . More than just design plans, the RBmG is a kit providing all the necessary parts to achieve the dream of rubber band gun glory.


As a tiny startup company, XYZbot runs on small-scale garage manufacturing, having fun making quality products. “We maintain high product quality and low prices by keeping a lean company of talented, creative people,” said Lumpkins. RBmG’s crowdfunding campaign with a  $10,000  goal ends  October 31  and allows the company to make tooling for custom parts and help prepare equipment for mass manufacturing.


Contributors to the crowdfunding effort reap the benefits of discounted products. Starting at the  $15  level, supporters receive a laser cut miniature replica RBmG. At the  $39  level, supporters receive the complete RBmG kit, and for  $59 supporters receive the complete kit guaranteed to arrive before Christmas ( United States  shipping addresses only).


XYZbot’s previous product,  Fritz: The Robotic Puppet , is an intricate robotic face that can be controlled remotely via computer, joystick or gaming controller. The company’s Kickstarter campaign sold more than 300 units and garnered press from the Huffington Post and mashable.com.


About XYZbot:


XYZbot specializes in interactive devices. The company’s gadgets appeal to those interested in education, modification, entertainment, and creative uses of technology. With more than 30 years of combined engineering experience and 15 years in manufacturing, the XYZbot team knows how to create a reliable product and produce it in bulk. Having run a successful Kickstarter Campaign, the XYZbot team is confident in its pursuits. For more information and to contribute to their crowdfunding campaign, visit  www.kickstarter.com/projects/1591853389/rubber-band-machine-gun .


For additional information about XYZbot LLC and its products you can visit webpage at  www.xyzbot.com

Press Contact:  Kerwin Lumpkins

Email:  [email protected]