Dearest Home Senior Care

Dearest Home Senior Care Helps Elderly Live Well in Their Own Homes

Raising money to launch its new business location, DHSC offers five categories of in-home care services to help seniors can stay at home and avoid assisted living facilities.

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TORONTO—Home is where people feel the most comfortable, and many seniors are motivated to remain in their own homes for as long as possible when faced with the decision to move to assisted living. But, when the choice to stay at home creates a need for more help around the house, Dearest Home Senior Care (DHSC) can help take up the slack. Now those who wish to support DHSC’s efforts to keep seniors thriving in the comfort of their own homes can contribute to the company’s crowdfunding campaign and choose from 20 different rewards.

DHSC was founded by Errol Morgan after years of observing the unmet needs of homeless seniors. His compassion for helping the homeless led to a career in helping seniors who often are lonely, in pain, and anxious about leaving the familiarity of home. “It is important to meet the needs of those around us,” said Morgan. “Basic needs of food, shelter, clothes, safety, and companionship must be available and affordable for seniors.”

Meeting the basic needs of seniors is of particular importance to Morgan and the staff at DHSC as part of a grand effort to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. Citing six pillars of brain-healthy activities, DHSC strives to help seniors get regular exercise, eat healthy food, receive daily mental stimulation, get quality sleep, manage stress, and have an active social life. “We strongly believe that living a quality life at home is better than uprooting and moving to assisted living,” said Morgan. “While assisting with daily activities, our caregivers teach seniors how to contribute towards their own health.”

Supporters of DHSC will make a difference in the lives of seniors as Morgan and his team of caregivers reach out to vulnerable elderly people, providing them with a vital service at a much more affordable cost when compared to assisted living. Working in coordination with families, communities, and organizations, DHSC will ensure that no senior is forgotten. “I love helping others, and I want to help seniors live a quality life to their last breath,” said Morgan. “Every senior deserves a life free of anxiety, separation, and loneliness – all of which can contribute to Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

The goal of DHSC’s crowdfunding campaign is to raise $120,000 by May 1. Money raised will cover the cost of the company’s first location as well as license fee, permits, and equipment. In exchange for contributions, DHSC is offering a choice from 20 different rewards ranging from volunteer opportunities, small gifts, reduced rates on services, participation in an End Alzheimer’s Walk, and formal events with the DHSC staff. “Please consider a contribution to help us add life to our senior’s years,” said Morgan.

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