Rapide Lite, Affordable High Resolution 3D Printer



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Rapide Lite is a 3D printer that combines the best next-generation features and performance at a fraction of the cost of existing commercial 3D Printers.



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About FaceRig by Holotech Studios
Holotech Studios is an indie software company based out of Bucharest, Romania. Originally founded by five veterans of the gaming industry, Holotech Studios set out to empower anyone to have fun with online avatars. FaceRig will have expression and voice capture capabilities using state-of-the-art face tracking SDK […]

ERI - The thinnest route tracking smart sport wristband.


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About DigiCare:
DigiCare’s team consists of mobile and electronic technology experts. Founded in 2012, the company is located in Hong Kong SAR. ERI is the technology company’s first product. Many members of the design and development team have worked for first-rate companies throughout the world, including NANT, ZTE, LAVA, Nokia, Konami, and […]

Quickdraw Cable - For iPhone & iPad


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About Woodford Design:

Woodford Design is known for its high quality Apple accessories. The small company is located in the UK and develops new products regularly, which are innovative, unique, and stylish. Since its founding in 2011, 10 products have been successfully developed, manufactured, and sold. Woodford Design products can be […]

ION Glasses. First optical and sun smartglasses that interact with your devices



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About Ion Glasses
ION EYEWEAR is an initiative of entrepreneurs Santiago Ambit and Ricardo Urías.

Santiago is an agricultural engineer who, despite his youth, has had a career as an inventor, which has earned him ten innovation awards. He won the 2006 best global creative award, where he shared the stage with the […]

‘Journeys to Somewhere Else’ by John Avon


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About John Avon Art:

John Avon Art is a partnership between artist John Avon and his agent, Guy Coulson. John is a British illustrator who works primarily in Science Fiction and Fantasy. After earning a graphic design degree in Brighton, UK, he started his career as a book cover illustrator. He […]

Fund your Fitness: TITIN Weighted Compression Shorts


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TITIN is the innovator of the world’s first full-body weight and recovery suit called TITIN ForceTM. As an apparel company that focuses on sports and fitness, TITIN produces weighted and recovery compression apparel. For more information about TITIN, visit titintech.com. To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/555412256/fund-your-fitness-with-titin.

Minka Inhouse


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About Minka Inhouse

Minka Inhouse is a small independent design team making and creating inhouse-handmade products for your home in downtown Santiago-Chile. Minka Inhouse celebrates domestic manufacturing and closer to home developments. Minka Inhouse is passionate about creating joy and making people feel at home. Minka Inhouse believes in thinking global and making things local.


RoVa3D : The First 5 Material/Color Liquid Cooled 3D Printer

$132,120 CAD

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About ORD Solutions:
ORD is Object Replication and Design. The Canadian company sells 3D printers in the industrial, commercial, and hobby market throughout the world. Founded in 2010 in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, the manufacturer’s objective is to design truly useful, high quality printing products, supplies, and accessories that can […]