Blog Marketing

Need a blog or two? Let our, SEO-intelligent bloggers write one for you! We’ll even post it up for you free of charge, and include a stock image relevant to your blog post.


As you know, blog writing is a time-consumping skill that isn’t for everyone. The most effective posts will have eye-catching titles, answer questions, address problems, and include creative content writing.

At L&C, we hire a team of expert writers just for you, including experienced bloggers and writers who can not only write your blogs, but directly post to your blog page for you.

We’ll write you a 500+ word blog, depending on your level of SEO needed, that will include search engine optimization with your keywords and creative language that your blog visitors will enjoy to read.

Persuasive, entertaining blogs that are written with your website keywords in mind is one of the best ways to maintain a high page rank on Search Engines.

Word Count Price/Blog
500 $46
800 $48
1000 $50


To Try our Blog Writing Service for 1 Week, please contact us.

Package Blogs/Week Price/Month*(500,800,1000 Words)
Starter 2 Blogs/Week $368, $384, $400
Standard 3 Blogs/Week $552, $576, $600
Professional 5 Blogs/Week $920, $960, $1,000
Platinum 7 Blogs/Week $1288, $1344, $1,400

* 1 Month = 4 Weeks.

Let us set up a blogging schedule where you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll handle all the writing, posting and managing. Need pictures or social media posts added to your blog? Check out the optional list below  for rates. If you need longer word counts, contact us for custom rates.

Add a social media post to any single blog above for an additional $3/post
Add additional pictures to any single blog (1 free included) $3/picture
Posting to your blog included in the cost! Included

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