We are obsessed with great design & quality content and that’s one of the reasons L&C Media became successful in the first place. Each crowdfund project we publish goes through quality control and has to be approved by L&C Media’s crowdfunding experts in order to get showcased. By following this strategy we’ve managed to showcase 100′s of crowdfund projects to the public.

“We showcase the coolest crowdfund projects of the web”

We’ve helped entrepreneurs and innovators turn brilliant ideas into realily and are proud of that. We are dedicated in finding the coolest crowdfund projects of the web and in making your life easier, that’s our goal, that’s our passion and 1000′s of visitors per day must mean we are doing something right.

If you want to:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Inspire people to visit your campaign page
  • Convince people to back your crowdfund project
  • Promote your project across multiple channels
  • Use the very latest marketing methods that are proven to produce results

If any of the above sounds familiar, L&C Media is the team for you.

Who We Are

Our team at L&C Media draws on years of promotional and marketing experience in the online and physical communities. We make it our job to keep up to date with cutting edge techniques so that you can always be sure your project is being presented in the very best light to your target audiences.
We know how important it is to focus on presenting the right message to the right people at the right time. Our professional team of copywriters and marketing experts have all the crowdfund promotion tools you could ask for and more.

What We Do

Whether you are trying to fund an exciting new product or pay for a family member’s medical expenses, there are people out there that will be willing to help. But in order to help, those people need to know about your project.

By employing a combination of proven marketing methods executed with the flare and panache of marketing veterans, L&C Media can instantly improve your crowdfunding project’s visibility. Some of those proven techniques include:

  • Content Optimization
  • Professionally Written Press Releases with Global Distribution
  • Content Marketing
  • Multimedia Web Promotion
  • Headline Display in Time Square

With our helping hands, you can reach out to a wider audience and really showcase your campaign in all its glory.

Not for Everyone

Some people might think that having a campaign on the internet and writing an article about it will do the job. If the project is good then the people will come… won’t they?
The truth, unfortunately, is no. Just because something is there, doesn’t mean people will see it.

More than that, even if you have the most amazing cause or product to raise funds for, people still might not want to make a financial investment in you.
Why? Because investing in somebody is a risk. Especially if you don’t know that person.

In order to fulfill your campaign goals, you will need a crowdfund promotion plan that isn’t just seen by potential backers, but one that inspires investors to take a chance on you. This takes skill and expertise. The skill and expertise that that not everyone possesses. The skill and expertise that L&C Media possesses.


  • We offer services such as:
  • Press Release Distribution through the markets most reliable and authoritative networks – Email & Wire Distribution.
  • Organize publicity (advertising) and publications (sponsored story) on top media outlets.
  • Daily and/or weekly blog post writing, posting, and management.
  • Social Media promotion, management, and page creation.
  • Targeted Cost per Click (CPC) marketing strategies with competitive pricing to stimulate traffic from top websites with a combined audience of over 200 million such as Perez Hiltion, CNN, Time, Bloomberg etc.
  • Professional Copy Writing such as Sales pitch writing, & press kit designing.
  • Creating Professional Explainer Video’s for your brand, website/campaign page – We specialize in taking your boring sales pitch and making it a fun explainer video that converts visitors into real customers.
  • In short, we cover all marketing angles to help drive targeted traffic to your crowdfunding campaign.

Easy for You

Here at L&C Media we understand that your main priority should be focusing on bringing your project to life. That’s why we offer to take all the hard work and stress out of crowdfund promotion.

Using our professional, effective marketing services couldn’t be easier. We use packages which combine various marketing components from social media promotion to crowdfund consultation. Whichever package you choose, you will have a personal campaign manager who will oversee your crowdfund promotion plan from beginning to end to ensure excellent continuity across all marketing channels.

We  don’t believe in hidden fees which is why each package is paid for up front with a one off fee. Once you have chosen the package that best suits your campaign’s needs, you can fill out the details in the forms provided to make sure your promotional material fits your unique goal, pay the fee and then sit back and let us work our marketing magic.

Our crowdfund promotion packages raise your campaign up on a pedestal for your investors to see clearly.


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Why Choose Us

L&C Media  knows how to target people who sincerely love supporting crowdfund projects. We have extensive promotional and marketing experience specifically geared towards sponsoring crowdfund campaigns. We specialize in providing extensive media coverage and online exposure directed at real crowdfund investors.
We can help you tap into large groups of investors that are truly serious about helping you succeed in your goals. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to make a movie, self-publishing a cookbook, or raising money so someone you love can afford a major surgery; we know how important it is to you.
Our team is well-versed in the art and skill of targeted crowdfund promotion. We have watched many campaigns succeed and just as many fail. Our experience and guidance will give your crowdfund project the attention and results it deserves.
The explosive growth of the crowdfunding industry has created unprecedented opportunities for people who are unable to generate funding using traditional methods. Whether you need to start a community-based project, fund a small business venture, publish a book, or help a loved one pay for medical bills, L&C Media  will help you prepare, promote, and manage your fundraising campaign.