6 Checklist Items That Help You Select the Right Crowdfunding Platform
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6 Checklist Items That Help You Select the Right Crowdfunding Platform

6 Checklist Items That Help You Select the Right Crowdfunding Platform

There are plenty of platforms out there ready to cater to your funding needs.

While the most popular site may work for some, choosing the wrong one may hinder your ability to raise funds.

Why? Because not all of these platforms are created equal. Each has their own unique attributes that apply to specific niche products and types of crowdfunding missions.

So, if you’re going to start a campaign of your own, you need to choose the right platform from the start.

Even better, you need all-inclusive crowdfunding services that can help you maximize the potential of whichever platform you choose.

Before you worry about services, you’ll first want to go through this in-depth checklist to ensure you’re picking the right platform.

Here’s 6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Select Your Crowdfunding Platform

  1. Assess the Look and Feel

Look at campaigns offered on a platform and scrutinize every page. Are they attractive? Can campaigns present their information easily or does it look like they’re restricted?

Some platforms require videos, while others do not. Some do not allow videos, while others are better for pictures. These are all things you should compare.

  1. Ease of Use

You don’t want a platform that’s overly complicated or requires an in-depth user manual just to publish your project.

However, the more complex platforms often give you more freedom. For example, Celery allows you to create a unique campaign, but you need to have some design knowledge to maximize its potential.

All-inclusive crowdfunding services may offer web design services so that you don’t have to worry about HMTL coding just to create a campaign.

  1. Payment Methods

How do people submit their pledges? Are credit cards accepted? Can someone donate through an e-check?

Also, how long does it take for donations to reach your bank account?

You want a system that offers multiple methods for payments, including PayPal.

  1. Fees for Using the Platform

Crowdfunding platforms are not free.

Sally Outlaw on Entrepreneur points out the costs of starting a campaign. Not only do you have fees from the platform itself, but if you DIY your campaign, you may have prototype costs, Facebook ads, and video production costs.

Also, some platforms take a percentage of your earnings. So, if you reach your goal and cash out, you’ll lose a percentage in fees.

  1. Social Media and Marketing Opportunities

Social media plays a significant role in crowdfunding. In fact, it may be the deciding factor in how much traffic your campaign gets.

According to Rob Wu at Social Media Examiner, you need a channel that complements your crowdfunding campaign.

Some platforms let you easily link up to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Consider your social media presence when selecting your crowdfunding platform. If you’re using an open platform that lets you design your own page, don’t forget to integrate social media share buttons.

  1. Does the Site Already Have Visitors?

You want a platform that people are already on and where donors are scouring for new places to pledge.

A decent amount of traffic already coming to the site may increase the number of people that find your campaign.

Use All-Inclusive Crowdfunding Services and Get Help Picking the Right Platform

The platform you choose determines so much more than how your campaign will look.

A boutique agency knows what platforms perform better based on your project and goals.

Even better, they have a whole host of services ready to take your campaign and make it fund-worthy. From building your social media presence to building your website and more, LC Media is here to help your campaign succeed.

Get in touch with LC Media’s team of crowdfunding experts today by completing an online contact form.


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