5 Reasons to Invest in Web Design for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Reasons to Invest in Web Design for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

It can be easy to overlook the importance of your crowdfunding campaign’s web design. As long as a website is up and running, does it really matter what it looks like?

In a word, yes.

Below are 5 reasons why you should consider seriously investing in your web design.

Reason #1: Customizing Makes You Stand Out

You can’t slap up a generic web template and expect the sponsors to roll in. If you want people to feel connected to your cause, spend some time personalizing your website. Web design provides you with plenty of ways to do this, offering a diversity of color options, themes, graphics, etc.

Reason #2: SEO Draws More Traffic Than Word of Mouth

In the old days, people relied on word of mouth to help their business. While sharing is certainly still relevant today (after all, where would we be without Facebook’s “share” button?), another factor has entered the modern-day marketing arena: Google.

Take some time figuring out how your site can appear more frequently in search engine results; doing so will allow you to tap into a larger crowd of potential sponsors.

Reason #3: Good Web Design Can Increase Profit

When your web page looks good, people take it seriously. And when they take it seriously, they’re more inclined to throw money at it.

A well designed website, as well as good marketing techniques employed to promote that website, attracts qualified donors and can really help project your crowdfunding campaign into higher levels of financial growth.

Reason #4:  A Website Works for You 24/7

If you get a good website established, you eliminate a lot of the inconveniences that come with owning a physical store, such as turning customers away at the end of business hours, closing down for holidays, etc. When you’re online, you can be open all day and all night for any customer around the world.

Reason # 5: Establish Easy Two-Way Communication

With a website, people can leave feedback, tips, and communicate in ways that have never been easier. You can help make this process as smooth as possible for them by using convenient features like polls, graphs, and surveys to find out what visitors think.

This will enable you to respond more efficiently to feedback, and will help build a sense of community and connection in your crowdfunding campaign.

Let Your Website Do the Hard Part for You

Establishing an efficient and attractive website can significantly reduce your stress, as well as your workload. It helps clear your schedule so that you can invest your time and energy in running other aspects of your crowdfunding campaign.

If you decide to launch your campaign online, consider hiring web design pros. They can help you figure out your unique look and enable you to create a crowdfunding website that is sure to make an impression.

Anthony Palm

Founder & Senior Consultant at LC Media

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