3 Advantages of Running Your Crowdfunding Campaign With Celery

3 Advantages of Running Your Crowdfunding Campaign With Celery

When you decide to launch your own crowdfunding campaign and share your ideas with the world, you may find yourself halting before all the possibilities presented to you. After all, crowdfund marketing opens many doors that lead to a variety of hallways, so which one is right for you?

There is no black and white answer to this question, but there are certainly a variety of industry standards that crowdfund pros use to enhance the likelihood of their campaign’s overall success.

And one of the most popular platforms is undoubtedly Celery. Below are 3 specific benefits of Celery and how it can help take your crowdfund marketing to the next level.

  1. Creates a Long-Lasting Platform

Too many programs will charge you up to 5% of fees in order to help you set up your crowdfunding campaign page. However, what’s interesting is that most crowdfunding traffic is generated from the project’s creators and their own promotional efforts.

This begs the question: why should you spend time and energy publicizing a page created by someone else with a lifetime of two months, rather than spending your time instead on your own website—which can take orders indefinitely?

Celery asks the same question!

It allows you to generate a campaign that is built around your website rather than around another business’ efforts. The program is designed to enable customers to accept crowdfunding, pre-orders, and other purchases for their own sites for just 2% of the revenue.

  1. Allows Optimal Website Personalization

Rather than sticking users with a cookie-cutter page design, Celery allows for complete and total customization. This means you can transition between selling styles throughout your product’s life cycle.

So if you decide halfway through your campaign that those neon colors were probably not the most professional choice (but oh, so pretty!), then you don’t have to worry about being stuck with them forever because Celery isn’t a rigid platform. It’s a flexible, fluid foundation that is all about adjusting to your needs, ensuring that you achieve the desired look with your crowdfunding.

  1. Gives You a Hassle-Free Ordering Process

Often, crowdfunding sites have trouble establishing efficient methods of ordering because most of the platforms used on the site simply aren’t built to efficiently take pre-orders. Customers can’t easily go in and alter their orders, and this can lead to a lot of delays.

Well, remember that pre-order Celery feature mentioned above?

Celery recognized this problem and developed an API that enables creators to take pre-orders from their own sites. This means you don’t have to rely on efficient third parties for your shipping needs; with Celery, you can build it right into your site!

Do You Need Help Getting Started?

If you need some assistance navigating Celery or any other campaign platform, consider consulting with the pros during your campaign. They will enable you to discover what works best for your needs and take your campaign to new heights.

Anthony Palm

Founder & Senior Consultant at LC Media

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