5 Ways To Become A Crowdfunding Wizard On Social Media
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5 Ways To Become A Crowdfunding Wizard On Social Media

5 Ways To Become A Crowdfunding Wizard On Social Media

You’ve done all of the work to create the perfect crowdfunding campaign.

However, how much emphasis have you put into social media?

Without active social media interest, your campaign is likely doomed, according to Kendall Almerico at Entrepreneur.

So, we suggest becoming social media savvy and making sure you get the word out virally about your upcoming campaign.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

Here’s 5 Social Media Tips To Make Your Campaign Grow Exponentially

  1. Your Social Media Marketing Starts Long Before Your Campaign’s Start Date

The day you start discussing your campaign on social media should not be the time your campaign starts up.

You need to be on social media long before crowdfunding, and you need to have a solid following already established to get the word out successfully.

So, start laying down the social media groundwork long before the campaign kicks off. That includes creating in-depth social media profiles, advertising your product or campaign idea, and then finally marketing it once it launches.

  1. Do Not Rely Solely On Your Own Social Media Friends

According to Julie Keck at MediaShift, you should not rely solely on your personal network of friends and family.

While they will share with their network, you should be promoting through your fan page for your project or a larger entity.

Leave your private Facebook and social media pages for friends and family to keep up with what you are doing — not promote your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Create A Catchy Campaign Hashtag

A unique hashtag should be used for all social media posts regarding your campaign.

This will allow you to organize your posts into a single topic and keep all of the conversations organized as well.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Hashtag

  • Choose something unique to your project.
  • Make the hashtag easy to remember.
  • Use the hashtag on all social media platforms you promote through.
  • Do a search for the hashtag first, to make sure it is not in use.
  1. Use Every Platform Available To You

You are likely on more than one social media platform, so you should not be promoting via one platform only.

Your crowdfunding campaign will receive more traction when you promote through sites like Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat.

  1. Concentrate On Building A Community — Not Selling A Product

According to Social Media Examiner, your community is the most powerful asset you have for your crowdfunding goals.

You need to establish a sense of community within your campaign, which means creating a campaign-specific page. This will serve as a central place for your new community and not affect your overall brand outreach.

You can also create a group or event if you are running a campaign that is a personal project.

Start The Conversation On Social Media

Creating a successful campaign starts with a robust social media presence.

LC Media can help your project start and maintain a meaningful community online. We focus on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more to bring traffic to your campaign.

Explore the power of social media for your crowdfunding campaign by contacting the social and PR experts.

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