5 Crowdfunding Marketing To Do’s That Make Your Campaign Shine
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5 Crowdfunding Marketing To Do’s That Make Your Campaign Shine

5 Crowdfunding Marketing To Do’s That Make Your Campaign Shine

Crowdfunding is the new era for startups.

No longer do companies or even concepts have to worry about finding investors or pitching their products to banking professionals. Instead, they whip up a crowdfunding campaign and wait for the dollars to flow in.

While crowdfunding is an excellent way to boost your next project or business idea, you have to do it right.

Today’s crowdfunding marketing is highly competitive. In 2010, an estimated $880 million was raised across all platforms in crowdfunding, according to Forbes. If you want your campaign to shine among the rest and take advantage of the millions in potential, you’re going to have to kick up your game.

Here’s 5 Crowdfunding Marketing Tips To Boost Your Campaign To The Next Level

  1. Have A Realistic Expectation For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Yes, there is the opportunity to fund a project with crowdfunding fully, but only if you do it right.

You have to be realistic about the potential of your campaign getting off the ground and raising money. If you don’t have a well-researched concept or you don’t have much to show potential investors, you will not raise funds like those that have a solid idea ready to support.

Take a look at your competition before launching your own campaign. See what they have to offer.

Your announcement needs to be competitive with other companies launching similar ideas and projects.

According to Stephen Heyman from The NY Times, only 40 percent of Kickstarter campaigns are even successful. So, make sure you’re competitive, and your announcement isn’t falling short before you launch.

  1. Tell A Story And Sell It

Yes, you’re selling a concept or even a product, but that is not what people want to hear.

Instead, they want to hear about the story behind your product.

That means whipping up an excellent narrative and even creating a story to go along with your product.

With the sea of options out there for people to invest in, they need to have a compelling reason to put their funds toward your campaign versus the rest. Show your campaign has a positive impact on the world, show the real needs of the consumers that would be interested in the product (and how you can meet those needs), and link to research to back up any statements.

  1. Use Social Media Early

Social media is what will amplify your crowdfunding marketing. If you don’t have a social media presence for your campaign, now is the time to start.

You should have a separate profile for the campaign to create a community-like environment. Setup fan pages so people can follow your progress, and update them regularly so that they know where the campaign is headed.

  1. Enlist The Help Of Crowdfunding Marketing Pros

Identifying the right to-do list for your campaign requires expertise.

Let the team at LC Media help. We offer smarter solutions for crowdfunding, including building up your website, creating a social media presence that speaks to the right investors, and more.

Explore the endless possibilities of your next campaign by contacting LC Media today.

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