Helpful Crowdfunding Statistics

To help you plan a successful crowdfunding strategy.

Campaign Duration

Most successful reward based crowdfunding campaigns run on Crowdfunding platforms for 30-39 days. Most successful Equity Crowdfunding campaigns run on Equity Crowdfunding platforms for 60-90 days.


Successful marketing campaigns run a pre-marketing strategy for 12-16 weeks and implements a continuous marketing strategy through out their live crowdfunding run. Never plan to fail, always plan to succeed. 

Global Reach

Crowdfunding is a global fundraising strategy reaching over 200 countries and territories worldwide. No matter where you live, never forget to plan your marketing strategy to cater to a global audience.

Team Work

In average, campaigns raise 42% of their funds in the first and last three days of the campaigns duration. Campaigns in average also raise over 3x more funds than campaigns run by an individual.









We are a boutique agency humming with smart people who passionately propel successful crowdfunding strategies through digital marketing and PR.

What sort of clients do we work with?

While we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the crowdfunding scene, we will never lose touch with the inspiring smaller brands that helps make the crowdfunding industry so exciting!

We use the power of our strategy ability for good. We cater to both small and large clients, small and large budgets and small and large projects.



It’s no accident that we’re good at the things we love about Crowdfunding: Technology, Food, Fashion, interesting or enriching things and fun experiences that empowers. At every stage, we have proactively sought to work wit brands that share our joy.

Like to join our family of successful brands and projects? Get in touch now and let us help take your visibility and customer base higher!




With each new crowdfunding project, we kick things off with a discovery session to investigate your hopes for the future (business goals), how specifically you’re going to get there (business objectives) before conceiving of a powerful and integrated plan to get you there (marketing goals, objectives and strategy).


Our talented team of branding, art direction and graphic design specialists have produced some of the worlds best logos and brand systems at very competitive rates. If you need to create or build upon a visual identity for your brand – contact us.


Our media relationship network is unsurpassed. We are known by media not for fluffy personalities, but for working hard and smart to provide valuable content contributions that garner respect. Talk to us if you want to ‘see’ your ‘name’ up in lights in the nation’s magazines, newspapers, online publications, TV and radio programs.


We help businesses start and maintain a meaningful conversation with digital communities. With core strength in the hugely popular worlds of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Twitter, we navigate a suite of options to expertly guide you to a successful social campaign, inspiring people to create and share content within their own networks.


We understand the need for easily adapted yet highly engaging, beautifully designed websites and have produced many, across a broad spectrum of industries. SEO is always a priority and paid search, email marketing, SMS communications, social advertising and apps will be intelligently and analytically considered as part of your digital marketing strategy when it’s time to take that step.


From major events to local business campaigns, our senior strategists have the experience to help you define how best to target your advertising dollar, within your overall marketing mix. Our creatives have varied experience in bringing clever, strategy-based concepts to life through engaging visuals and smart words.


Clever design requires intuitive market insight, creative and inventive instincts and a respect for brand and business values – key tenets of our design approach. We take pride in matching the right creative to the right client, to create printed material, web assets, signage and other visual communications which attract the right audience and meet your business objectives. Let our experts do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on developing your project.

Popular Packages

Tailored Newsletter, Press Release Writing & Distribution, including Real Time Analytics, tailored crowdfunding mailing lists and more

A quick and easy highly targeted Press Release & Newsletter distributions via tailored email blasts with a professionally written Press Release by our US/UK based copy writers.

We guarantee massive exposure directly to highly targeted media news rooms and influencers’ tailored to your campaign.

Full Campaign Support, including in-depth Analysis of your Crowdfunding Campaign, Design, Copy-writing, Consultation, Reddit Advertisment, Social Media Management, and more

Custom built PR and Marketing packages constructed by our professionally experienced crowdfunding consultants.

Designed to help you run the perfect marketing strategy with LC MEDIA and to deliver the best level of professionalism and exposure for your campaign.

User Interface, Designing, Content Writing, Development, E-commerce, Self Crowdfunding with Celery and more

Design, the content management system – even content. We do everything ensuring a smooth launch, a great experience, and results.

Full Internet Marketing Support, Blogging, SEO Keyword Strategy, SEO Auditing, Website Content Auditing and more

Persuasive, entertaining blogs that are written with your website keywords in mind is one of the best ways to maintain a high page rank on Search Engines.



Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design.

  • Advertising, Branding, Campaign Design & Management, PR, Social Media, Strategy, Web
  • Advertising, Branding, PR, Strategy
  • Advertising, Branding, Campaign Design & Management, PR, Social Media, Strategy
  • Advertising, Campaign Design & Management, PR, Strategy




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